Patio Shades

Patio Shades Reduce Solar Heat Gain, UV Damage, and Glare

Patio Shades  /  Patio Screens View through Phifer 90% Bronze Fabric

  • Patio Shades Custom Made for You! For 33 years OuterWare has specialized in the design and manufacturing of Patio Screens for commercial and residential customers. We are a leader in this sector thanks to the high quality of our products, which are both practical and elegant. Outdoor living spaces such as patios, pergolas, porches, decks, and balconies can be uncomfortable with our summer heat. Patio Shades Reduce Solar Heat Gain, UV Damage, Glare, Interior Fading, Improved Energy Efficiency. Choosing the right fabric color is very important, light colors reflect the sun’s rays, dark colors improve outside view & maximize glare reduction. Patio Shades Custom Made and Designed to suit you and your home, our quality patio screens will give you the freedom to enjoy Arizona's fresh air in comfort and style. One-time investment with lasting benefits for you & your family. OuterWare uses an innovative welding process, called radiofrequency (or RF) weld to join the fabric panels together. Patio Screens by OuterWare are backed by a Lifetime Warranty on frames, hardware, 10 fabric warranty. With a 5 year motor and cable warranty.    "Patio Shade in Phoenix" 

Solar Powered Patio Shades

Motorized Screens

  • An energy-efficient alternative to powering Motorized Screens. OuterWare can solar power patio screens, security shutters, patio zip screens along with interior shade systems. 

Hand Crank Patio Shades

Patio Shades / Hand Crank Units, View through Phifer 90% Grey Fabric

  • Crank Operated Patio Shades moves smoothly and effortlessly up or down. The same reliable system as our motorized units, the same option with or without box. All manual operated patio screens can be upgraded to motorized.  [patio screens]




  • Visit  Elizabeth, Mike, Tom @ Steve at our Factory Showroom for An Additional 5% Off Your Purchase! Bring Measurements & Pictures if you have them. See ya there!  Factory Location. 934 E. Southern Ave. Suite 104, Mesa, Az, 85204 (Behind the Car Wash) 

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