OuterWare 4 Windows

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space All Year Round!

Outerware for Windows provides the highest quality outdoor shading systems in Arizona. We manufacture the very best custom-made products to fit your outdoor needs and lifestyle.

Living here in the desert, we understand the need to control shade in your yard.  Our products can reduce heat entering your home, allowing you to control your indoor temperatures — especially during those sweltering peak summer hours!

Patio Shades

Our shades can withstand the harshest of summers in our Sonoran Desert. We now use durable Keder Materials for our screens. Unlike typical zipper screens, this new material is solid and will not warp – even during our hottest months.

Retractable Awnings

Our retractable awnings are custom-made and handcrafted, and can  increase the square footage of your outdoor space. Perfect for outdoor kitchens, pools, and hot tubs as they protect equipment from harmful UV rays, decrease glare, and allow you to adjust the light.

Rolling Shutters

Our Rolling Shutters mount outside and operate from the inside, offering 100% light/sun/UV ray blockage. With aluminum-walled slats injection-filled with foam, your home or business is provided security against intruders, as well as noise insulation.


  • OuterWare is a family-owned and operated outdoor shade  company. We have been committed to providing quality and durable operating systems for over 33 years, and have installed 32,000 jobs to gratified customers in Arizona.
  • Having the ability to manufacture products under our roof, allows us to repair, replace, or service our installations at a local level.
  • We service all of our product installs and stand behind our work.