Fabric Cleaning

Cleaning Retractable Awning

Awning Fabric Cleaning

  • Remember the fabric has a coating on it. You can clean lightly soiled fabric with a solution of soap flakes and water. Severely soiled or stained fabric can be professionally cleaned to look like new. Use a long scrub brush on the exposed part of the fabric under the awning. The exposed visual part of the fabric you see, is actually the top of the fabric which gets the most dirt. Clean an area, and then extend the awning a few inches, and repeat until the entire fabric is clean. After cleaning, let the fabric thoroughly dry before retracting the awning. patio screens Patio Zip Screen

Cleaning Patio Screens

Phifer SunTex / SheerWeave Cleaning

  • The following cleaning practices will not affect the products’ ability to resist the growth of microorganisms.  Fabric should be regularly dusted / vacuumed as appropriate • Clean with soft bristle brush, mild soap and water. • • If cleaners other than mild soap and water are desired, test in an inconspicuous area, prior to use. Avoid strong cleaners and disinfectants, especially those containing quaternary ammonium compounds and phenols. • Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. [patio screens] [Patio Zip Screen] [awnings]

Cleaning Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture Cleaning

  • It’s not always easy to keep outdoor furniture pristine and ready for guests. Your patio furniture puts up with a lot. Not only is it outside all day where it’s exposed to dirt and susceptible to fading from sunlight, but your patio furniture also faces peril in the form of summertime BBQs. All it takes is one spilled glass of red wine, a hot dog dropped ketchup-side down, or too much greasy sunblock, and suddenly your once-beautiful patio furniture is loaded with stains. Add in the dampness which comes from the occasional autumn or springtime rain shower, and you have a recipe for mold and mildew on top of everything else.  [cleaning patio screens] [Patio Zip Screen] [Awning]



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